Aree loves improv and it shows, not only on stage but in his everyday life. He is an improv triple threat: great performer, great teacher, great person. He is equally talented in both performing and teaching the art form, which he has done all around the world. “Impro Neuf loves you” and improv loves Aree! I’m a huge fan of this man. Simply, the best!
— Jay Sukow, Second City, USA / Improv Comedy Copenhagen, Denmark

What Aree has brought to our organisation specifically and the improv society in Oslo in general can not be understated. He has singlehandedly built a community of international improvisers in Oslo that continues to generate new teams and great improv on a weekly basis. Personally, I am a better improviser for working and playing with him. His joy is infectious, and we who get to work with him on stage and in workshops are richer for it.
— Sverre Breian, co-founder of Impro Neuf

Aree is as passionate as talented. He is a very intelligent, nice and fast-paced individual. And such a delight to play with. I’d be happier than happiest to perform with him again. Anytime and anywhere. Bonus point, he might even draw your portrait!
— Erick Castellan, Nursery Theatre, UK

Aree has lovingly earned the nickname of godfather in the improv community - and surely part of this is a reflection on his status as a long-serving, experienced and constant improviser and teacher. But he also brings with him a sense of calm and purpose that puts people immediately at ease. He’s precise, almost unnervingly so, he’s incredibly observant, and immensely lovable. I’ve worked with dozens of teachers throughout the years - Aree is the kind of teacher you meet once and then want to work with again and again.
— Thomas Mook, Stranger Things Have Happened, the Netherlands

It was 100% more than expected! Brilliant teacher and brilliant players!
— Pető Brigitta, Norway
Aree is an upper class, top shelf improv teacher, a true powerhouse of creative knowhow, with the wisdom of how to communicate and encourage on a deep level. I have been fortunate to learn from Aree’s bold teaching in various improv-Groups, duos and also individual learning and feedback. I feel truly SEEN, both as a human being and a improviser, and will recommend EVERYONE to take his workshops!
— Øyvind Bedringås, Norway
Aree is such an approachable teacher. His workshop was full of humour and had an easy going approach that really put the students at ease and facilitated learning.
— Josh Wilson, Moscow Improv Club, Russia

I’ve always been impressed with Aree’s improv wisdom. He makes great decisions on stage. And as a workshop teacher, Aree gave me specific feedback that was simple, easy to follow and made huge improvements to my performance... and also my enjoyment of improv! Thanks Aree!
— Nikki Soo, Norway

One of my favourite two-day workshops ever! Great group. Great workshop. Great job, Aree! 5 ☆☆☆☆☆
— Kevin Gow, Norway
Inspiring material from an inspiring and experienced improviser! There’s something to be said about stitching together a well-thought-out tapestry of games and activities that actually make sense to the theme at hand. Love the feeling of discovery and moments where everything makes sense; when seemingly abstract exercises suddenly become concrete tools and ways of thinking. Those epiphanies have always been crucial in making me learn and understand — and I feel I’ve become a better improviser because of it. Looking forward to more workshops with Aree in the future!
— T-Bag, Norway
Aree is a great teacher that will learn you the skills you need to know to step up your game. By being a walking improv encyclopedia, he will give tailored exercises based on how he sees you play. He has got a pragmatic approach where no style is better than any other, as long as you can play well with others. He just wants you to do the style of improv that brings you joy.
— Petter Holstad Wright, Norway
Aree creates fun and friendly atmosphere at his workshops. He makes sure that every student gets his attention and provides them with constructive and positive feedback! He enjoys seeing his students archive their goals with pride!
— Sazzy, Norway
Aree’s teaching creates a laid-back space where both experienced improvisers and beginners feel comfortable to push their boundaries and build their skills.
— Haley de Korne, Norway
Aree was attentive to detail, supportive and sensitive to people’s player-type. He gave constructive and usefull feedback, catered to the participant’s needs. Aree took time to explain where it was necessary or asked for. I finished the workshop with a big smile on my face and new tools in my pocket.
— Dirk John, Norway

Aree’s two-prov masterclass is one of the best improv workshops I’ve been to. He prepares thoroughly, gives excellent challenges and feedback, and builds up your speciality. Aree’s one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated improv mentors in Norway and is the icon of the international improv community in Oslo.
— Annika Herrestad, Arnika, Norway
Great, thanks! It was an excellent workshop Aree! Way over-exceeded expectations. Really good with personalized feedback and being pushed to do things differently than usual. We are so motivated to further develop Arnika now thanks to you.
— Arne M. Ditlefsen, Arnika/Director of Oslo Impro Festival, Norway

Great workshop that helped me become a better team player. If you think this workshop is not for you, you probably need it badly.
— Øyvind Dragsten, Norway

I’ve met Aree in Jay Sukow’s 5-days intensive workshop in Copenhagen. He was a great teammate with a lot of knowledge and inspirational scene work. In the last day all workshop participants played a show together and I felt huge amount of support and bold choices made by Aree. It was FUN! 🙂I know that he is investing immeasurable amount of time and energy into developing as improviser. Aree is an amazing person!
— Kaspars Silavs, Improv Comedy Riga, Latvia

The workshops are awesome. But that’s not surprising seeing the work Aree puts in preparing for it. I loved his attention to detail and the feedback he gives.
— Anonymous